Moving Forward

At This Point I Have Your Signed Contract & You Are Ready To Move Forward And Finalize With The Deposit. Please Select The Appropriate Payment Option Below.

Refund / Fee’s Policy:

Refund / Fee’s Policy: Deposits & Fees are all NON-REFUNDABLE & will NOT be refunded under no circumstances.The rest is paid the day of the event preferably in cash upon arrival. In some cases I will accept A check. If the customer is paying their balance with a debit or credit card a 3% CREDIT CARD FEE IS ADDED to accommodate the fees that occur. This method is paid the night before the event by 7 PM. If Collected Dreams LLC & staff becomes unavailable, you will receive a refund of your deposit in full, however the fee’s will not be refunded. From experience, please DO NOT read this & then still proceed to make the deposit knowing that you are unsure of things. DO NOT then after making the deposit expect your refund back courteously. Again all refunds & fee’s are NON-REFUNDABLE  & you will not be refunded once its made. If you agree & understand these terms, then please proceed and sign below.